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Montpelier, Idaho
Assignments are a way for everyone who attends our meetings to participate by displaying up to two photos. The assignments usually are made with the idea of teaching a photography lesson, although a few are just for fun. Each photo will be critiqued at the meeting, and we hope that everyone will feel comfortable making comments. Digital photos are preferred but prints will be accepted. You can e-mail digital photos to the day before the meeting.
 Look up the ICM lesson on this website.
 Things like a cow by a 65 mph sign.
 If you started too late, maybe you have something in your files from favorite locations.
 Take extra batteries.  Check your exposure since bright white snow can fool your meter.
 Star photography, neon signs, moving cars, downtown scenes, the moon, etc.
 Lots of 4th of July opportunities.
 Try the Refuge, and bring your long lens.
 Crop a wide angle landscape to a long skinny format, or combine multiple images in Photoshop.
 Could this be a selfie?  Or not...
 This one is just after Halloween.
 Close-ups work well.  Look for patterns in cracked paint.
 Maybe we should have a field trip?
You can make a list for your wallet by printing this page and cutting out the first two columns.
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