All of these photos, except the Poles in Afton Canyon, were taken with Kodak Technical Pan Film.  This film was the sharpest film ever made for use in the consumer market before it was discontinued..... another casulty of the digital revolution.  Tech Pan film was a high contrast copy film that I developed in Ethol TEC diluted 30:1.  This compensating developer decreased the contrast to add gray tones.
The photo of the Poles in Afton Canyon was taken with Polaroid Polachrome "instant" color slide film and processed in a mechanical processor with waterless chemical pack.  This strange film has also been discontinued.  The resulting color slide, with its rectangular grain pattern, was then printed on high contrast black and white paper.
The photo of the church and hay bales was created by projecting the Tech Pan negative with an enlarger onto Kodalith high contrast film to create a positive.  The positive was contact printed onto another sheet of Kodalith to create a negative.  The two Kodalith's were put together and printed onto high contrast paper to create the final image.  Kodalith has also been discontinued.  I think there's a pattern here!
The digital images were created by copying them with a Pentax 1st DL camera and an ancient 105mm Ricoh macro manual focus lens.