In 1982 Bruce Gregory and Ross Walker started a camping tradition that has gone on for 35 consecutive years and 46 trips as of 2016. They started in the Eastern Mojave Desert and for many years the trips were always in the same area.
In 1984 Stephen Johnson joined the trip and has gone on most of the trips since then.
Others joined the group for just a year or two, then Jim Deibler in 1995. He went on all the trips through 2004 when he passed away.
The three friends are all photographers who lived in Alameda and Oakland, California when the trips started, and continue camping even though scattered from Oakland to Idaho. Now all retired, they have expanded the camping trips to twice a year and travel all over the west. Still referred to as the "Desert Trip", they have camped in California, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Washington.
Steve Johnson looking through a knothole at the round barn near Steens Mountain, Oregon.
The group likes to explore and photograph unusual areas often bypassed by most people. Favorite topics include ghost towns, historic sites, petroglyphs, and remote landscapes.