All images on this site are copyrighted and cannot be used without permission of the photographers.  Restrictions include social media, photo sharing, and Pinterest.
Assignments are a way for everyone who attends our meetings to participate by displaying up to two photos. The assignments usually are made with the idea of teaching a photography lesson, although a few are just for fun. Each photo will be critiqued at the meeting, and we hope that everyone will feel comfortable making comments. Digital photos are preferred but prints will be accepted. You can e-mail digital photos to the day before the meeting or earlier.
Hints and Suggestions
You can make a list for your wallet by printing this page and cutting out the table.
Silhouettes - Looking into the light, be sure you have a clean lens to reduce flares.
Lonely - Your interpretation...
Deep depth of field - Use a small f stop (like f 16 or f 22) to get everything in focus from front to back.
Through water - Use a glass or another container of water and try different f stops.  Or shoot through rain, a hose, etc.
SOOC - Do not modify your image in any way, but you can try different camera settings for various effects.
Leading lines - A line, like a river or a road, leads to your main subject.
Motion - Try different shutter speeds.  A longer exposure will blur your subject.  Try panning with a moving object.
Snow - You may have to add a little exposure to eliminate gray snow.
Distortion - Try wide angle lenses, reflections, etc.
Wildlife refuge - Bear Lake or other refuges.  Could be scenery or wildlife.  Maybe a field trip?
The Sharp Shooters website is
May 2019 Silhouettes
June 2019 Sunrise / Sunset
July 2019 Flowers
August 2019 Lonely
September 2019 Deep depth of field
October 2019 View through water
November 2019 Straight out of camera
January 2020 Leading lines
February 2020 Motion
March 2020 Snow
April 2020 Circles
May 2020 Distortion
June 2020 Wildlife refuge
July 2020 Birds
August 2020 Old truck