Photos # BLG16a and b
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D. J. building, Montpelier, Idaho
The old D. J. building near the railroad tracks was also known as the Strong building and it probably had other names as well.  The back 2/3 collapsed under heavy snow in January 2020.   As of December 2020 the front 1/3 still stands and it has not been determined when and if it will be demolished.
Strong Building, Montpelier, Idaho
Strong Building collapse, Montpelier, Idaho
The building dates back to around 1905 and had many uses over the years.  There have been restaurants, beauty shops, a furniture store, ballroom, post office, bar, leather craft store, and an auto detailing shop for a car dealer.  There were apartments upstairs.  At the time of the collapse it had just been purchased by the owner of the nearby Butch Cassidy museum to be used for storage.