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Burke was a silver, lead, and zinc mining town founded in 1886.  The canyon was so narrow that there was once a hotel where the street, creek, and railroad tracks all ran through the lobby.  Mining ceased in 1981, leaving the biggest ghost town buildings I have ever seen.  There have been a couple of attempts to reopen one of the mines since then.  In 2013 we were able to get inside the fenced compound, thanks to a local resident who once worked in one of the mines.
Hecla buildings and headframe, Burke, Idaho Concrete structure, Burke, Idaho Towers, Burke, Idaho Hecla Administration building, Burke, Idaho Catwalks, Burke, Idaho
Headframe, Burke, Idaho Hoist house, Burke, Idaho Abandoned stores, Burke, Idaho Ore bins, Burke, Idaho Hecla Mill, Burke, Idaho
Old paint, Burke, Idaho Hercules office building, Burke, Idaho Burke, Idaho Tunnel, BUrke, Idaho Chain shadow, Burke, Idaho