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Lead and silver was discovered near Leadore in 1882, leading to the town of Gilmore being established.  There were 600 people here once, but when the power plant exploded in 1929 it was quickly abandoned.  Life was harsh, and the weather was once described as comparing unfavorably to Siberia.  Ragtown was a sort of poor man's suburb of Gilmore, with primitive cabins in the trees nearby.
Barn, Gilmore, Idaho Twin cabins, Gilmore, Idaho Scollick house, Gilmore, Idaho Gilmore Mercantile Stinky Dick's cabin
House ruin, Gilmore, Idaho Green house, Gilmore, Idaho Gilmore store Sinking house, Gilmore, Idaho Leaning log cabin, Gilmore, Idaho
Ragtown ruin, Idaho View from Mercatile building Gilmore Interior Collapsing house, Gilmore, Idaho Barn, Gilmore, Idaho